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    Fans (W/Email) Poem Date
    99)Lillith the Forsaken
    From:Portland Oregon

    The day the clover died

    His little feet will never touch the pitcher's mound
    His eyes will never brighten at his first glympse of Disney world
    No more happy giggling will be heard from his little mouth
    And he won't be bouncing on the bed anymore.
    He's gone now
    With the darkened shadows of midnight's crow
    A Sad loss for a chosen few
    And now I sit alone in sorrow
    Wondering "Why?.....oh god,why?"
    All was silenced in a matter of secconds
    The day the clover died

    In loving memory of Christopher Robin Peraza
    May 27,1997-August 24,2000

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    100)Nicole Cleveland
    From:New York

    Trivial Pleasures

    I Wake To The Soft Morning Light. Still Exausted From The Night Before. I Walk
    Over To Where You Are And You Greet meet With A Beam Of A Smile As You Reach For
    Me To Hold you.Your Eyes Study Me As I Talk To You And You Hang On My Every
    Breathe.Lying There Together You Call My Name And I Marvel Once More Of Gods
    Blessings. Your So Beautiful , No! A Miracle. Noone Can Know What I Went Through
    Just To be With You. I Caress Your Velvet Cheek And Look Deep Into Your Endless
    Brown Eyes And Gasp In Realization That Yes I Am Your Mother. You Coo Softly.
    Watching You As I Did Last Night , With My Heart In My Hands.

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    101)Christine Schmelzeisen

    My Crow

    My Crow

    All wiped out. in one night
    The dreams, the hopes
    There is nothing more………but emptiness
    My heart brakes and only the wind knows the tears
    But no one remembers
    And no one cares
    Bring me back
    Pray for the lost souls
    Be my guide thru the emptiness of death

    I follow you thru the streets
    I see thru your eyes
    I must remember something
    Pictures of happy days – feelings lost, buried
    Like me
    You are my answer, my life in my death and my guide

    © by Shadowcrow (Shadowcrow@lycos.de) November 2000

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    102)Christine Schmelzeisen

    The truth between the shadows

    The truth between the shadows

    We are vanished into the shadows
    I remember the blood and the pain, the agony
    We will never see us again – my love – my only true love
    Hate is the barrier
    Divided by revenge – forever
    Hate live until all things - as I will live
    My redemption is the hate

    © by Shadowcrow (Shadowcrow@lycos.de) November 2000

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    103)laine johnson
    From:my darkness

    the wind

    i have seen the rain
    it fallson my face
    and creates scabs of soft mondays
    the harsh hours are gone

    i am alone in my outside world
    i am the only occupant
    yet still
    i am full
    others stare at me
    and scream at me
    and hate me
    and still
    i look on
    and cry in my desperation
    most would die
    the choice to live on
    and love
    is mine

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    104)laine johnson
    From:my darkness

    My Heart

    enter the night
    broken sorrow
    and remove these pins from my spine
    enter pain
    enter the morrow
    pray that the marrow is strong

    i've given you my heart
    and i have give you my soul
    my love, is true
    to you

    and still the pins
    and the thorns within

    i love
    i love
    i love
    i love you...

    (to ronnie)

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    105)Super Girl
    From:Crow Heaven


    Goodnight sweet angel
    for night's closing hand
    has come down again

    falling across the land

    I wish that I could
    stay with you this night
    and not let you go
    till morning's early light

    But you are a dream
    I cannot posses
    I cannot caress you
    with gentle kiss

    So I leave you tonight
    with this fond farewell,
    in the hopes someday,
    you'll be able to tell

    that I'm the one
    you've been looking for,
    and you'll invite me into
    your heart's open door.

    Mailed to you by Supergirl, in the loving memories of Chain.
    (true love is forever..love is stronger than death)

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  • Fans (W/Email) Poem Date
    106)tWISTEd sPINe
    From:Crow Heaven

    Blood Through Fingers

    In death
    the splinters of truth seem to fade away
    In light, the hatred of youth seems to decay

    I am the sorrow in a glance
    the fear in your scream
    the sacred little whisper that escapes your lips
    the spill of red red blood
    as your flesh slowly rips

    I let the crimson warmth seep through my fingers

    Vengeance feels like liquid pleasure in my veins

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    107)Jeff Davis

    The Recount


    The blessings have been counted
    But one thing is true
    We need to have a recount
    We've missed quite a few
    We thank HIM for the good times
    When things are at their best
    But do we thank HIM for the struggles
    That put our faith to the test?
    We'll never count them all
    No matter how hard we try
    Our blessing's are infinite
    There's no number that high
    And yet we'll go shopping
    And mark off our lists
    But did we forget
    Whose birthday it is?
    The results of the recount ~
    We're abundantly blessed
    Put CHRIST back in Christmas
    And may you all be BLESSED!

    Written By Jeff Davis

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    108)kelly tunney

    sweet brandon lee may his soul rest in peace

    now they lay brandon down to sleep. i prey the lord with his soul to keep and if
    he dies before i wake i prey the lord with his soul to take may you rest in
    peace brandon i miss you

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    109)James E. Enslow
    From:Oklahoma City, OK


    As I close my eyes at night, but only to see your face.
    I'am taken but the beauty, that starts in you eyes and seem
    to find a way,to wrap themselfs arround my heart.
    But as I reach for you, you start to fade away, and slow you disappear.
    I'm very sadden by this terrible thouhgt, as I awake in emptyness.
    But only to see,that you are here next to me,and this was only a dream.

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    110)Nicklas R. Denner
    From:Columbus, OH

    the crow

    As I looked into the night,
    I seen an object,
    the object was coming towards me,
    It was black,
    black as night
    As i stood there,
    I realized that this was the bird I had seen at the time of my death


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    111)Chandler Kauffman
    From:Atlanta, Georgia

    Night all the Time

    At night...emotions run high,
    and the cosmos energy is at
    thoughts way heavy on the
    hearts of everyone....
    this is ok when one can
    sleep and dream
    because there is always
    tomarrow's healing sun.

    but what happens when life's
    black vail doesn't deminish
    what happens when the black
    night covers the heart
    this unending perril will never
    there will be no beggining...
    no new start.

    is this what drives us to
    is this why we feel lost?
    darkness's gloriouse infamy....
    we pay with deadly cost...

    Although we don't choose,
    for darkness to ensue.
    we can't controll it ever
    we are puppets for this
    evil's muse..
    so then the only way to excape
    is for our life cord to be

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    A flutter of wings
    A caw of death
    Torrents of wind
    They fly past
    Black as night
    Dark as death
    Feathers like razors
    Brought forth blood
    Scraped my skin
    But hurt within

    I saw her die
    I shared the pain
    The hurt within
    Less, more than sin
    Her eyes, mirrors of my soul
    Focused far away
    Violated, desecrated
    Bloodied hair
    Framing despair
    Her hands driven through
    Searching eternally for mine
    Gaping mouth
    Forever silent
    Pallid skin
    Silken sin
    Hurt me in

    23rd night of January '99
    Inspired by The Crow
    it speaks to no one... quietly as pain

    Check out http://members.nbci.com/sacrarium/sorrow.htm

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